Emblem, flower, tree and bird of Aga Town


The emblem expresses liveliness with enfolding green arms supporting the bright town and shining culture. (Established on April 1, 2005)

Flower: Snow camellia

The snow camellia endures a long windy and snowy season and then starts to bloom vigorously and beautifully. Its picture and vitality demonstrate the image of Aga Town’s future.

Tree: Cedar

Among much of the nature of Aga Town, cedars soar high in the sky. Aga Town also has the resplendent Shogun Cedar which is known as the biggest cedar in Japan. This is a good symbol for Aga Town.

Bird: Bush warbler

This bird is also called a spring informer because it tweets from early spring to the height of summer. Many townspeople love the beautiful tweeting that tells us of the end of winter and makes us feel the signs of spring.

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