Cultural properties

Yakushi-do Hall of Byodo-ji Temple

Byodo-ji Temple was probably built by Taira-no Koremochi in 995. A golden Yakushi (Healing Buddha) statue is said to have been found in a river and the temple built in order to enshrine it. However, no solid proof exists about its foundation because the years of Koremochi’s birth and death themselves are unknown.
The present Yakushi-do Hall was probably restored due to the solicitation of Monk Eigen in 1517 and is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the prefecture.
The length of the front hall is 18 feet and the side is 24 feet with an architectural style of a single-layer thatched and hipped roof, a distinctive feature of the Muromachi period.
On the wall panels and pillars inside the hall remain graffiti drawn between the civil war era and the Edo period. The most interesting among them is ink writing left by officers and men of the Ashina Family of Aizu that sought shelter in this hall when defeated after proceeding to Echigo (Sugana) as they fought in the Otate War between Kagetora and Kagekatsu in a succession race in 1578 after Kenshin Uesugi died. Even today the writing vividly conveys the tension between the Echigo and Aizu districts of those days.

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