Cultural properties

Wooden Standing Statue of Thousand-armed Kannon Bosatsu

The Wooden Standing Statue of Thousand-armed Kannon Bosatsu, the principal image of Kannon-do Hall of Choraku-ji Temple, is 107 cm tall. Although the upper part of the hanging tied hair (bundled part), upper half, hands on sides, metal fittings and tips of both feet were added later, the body represents its initial image well. Now the statue has 10 faces on the head and 44 hands (20 arms from each side, joining hands and hands holding a pot reverently), but the statue was probably originally built with 11 faces on the head and 42 arms.
The statue is carved from a single piece of katsura wood conveying the old technique. Since its style is moderate in the expression of its robe with shallow pleat engravings, sloping shoulders and a slender build, it was probably carved in the 12th century, making it a valuable statue from the late Heian period
The statue is commonly known as Shitano Kannon and local residents deeply worship it even today.

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