Cultural properties

Wooden Seated Statue of Jizo Bosatsu

The Wooden Seated Statue of Jizo Bosatsu is enshrined inside the Jizo-do Hall of Hirabori Village together with the attendant statues of Enma Ten-i and Gusho Shinza.
The material is katsura wood and its sitting height is 135 cm. This was made before the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties according to the ink written on a wooden tag on the back of the statue that says “Colored by Raigen Ise in 1355. Repainted by Shichirozaemon Iwase in 1651.”
The quiet expression with its handsome features and downcast eyes gently captures people. Local residents worship the statue because it benefits agriculture and child rearing; the statue is commonly known as Enmei Jizo (life-prolonging Jizo).

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