Cultural properties

Mileposts in Fukutori and Yanagi-shinden

In 1604 in the Edo period, mileposts that were both landmarks and indicated resting spots in the tree shade for travelers were installed on the Tokaido, Tosando and Hokurikudo roads, starting from Nihonbashi in Edo.
Building mileposts on the Aizu Road started in 1667; one pair was built every 4 km starting from Wakamatsu Castle with one milepost on each side of the road.

The Fukutori mileposts are at the eastern entrance of Fukutori Village. The diameter of each post is 4m and the height 3m. The road has been dug down in order to reduce the incline, so the mileposts look high and are surrounded by an open-cut cedar forest on both sides. Two mileposts were installed as a pair and they appear as they were in those days.

The Yanagi-shinden mileposts remain as a pair on the course to Suwa Mountain Pass on the old Aizu Road about 1.5 km up from Yanagi-shinden Village. The diameter of each post is about 2m and the height about 1.5m. A road was built around 1970 in order to build a steel tower for the Tohoku Electric Power Company and an NTT antenna; fortunately, the road detoured and the mileposts remain as they were in the old days.

Niigata Prefecture once had almost 1,000 pairs of mileposts, but only 8 pairs retain their original form today. Three of these 8 pairs remain in Aga Town: 2 in Tsugawa District and 1 in Ikuchi, Mikawa District.

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