Cultural properties

House of the Igarashi Family

This is a mountain village farmhouse located in a valley along the Sane River, one of the branches of the Agano River.
This house is an important historical building because the main building and annexes such as a storehouse provide a complete farmhouse in the valley; the construction years of the house are clear: main building (1759), storehouse on right (1847) and storehouse on left (1924); the buildings are in good shape and were only altered a little later; and the house is blessed with the surrounding natural environment.
Many farming appliances and daily necessaries are housed in the annex, which conveys the lifestyle of a mountain village farm family living in deep snow.
Many writers and artists visited the Igarashi family and left haiku and tanka poems, writings and paintings, being touched by the nature of the Sane River valley and the warmth of the people. As you walk the mountain path towards the Igarashi house, you can find a monument inscribed with a poem by Usen Ogawa and Yoshishige Abe on the way to the site of the demolished Sankei-ji Temple:

Little Cuckoo and Buryo people transplanting rice - Usen Ogawa
  We have traveled all the way on the Sane River
    Happy to see people truly enjoying themselves - Yoshishige Abe

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