Cultural properties

Inventory of county history and sales

These books explain the history of Higashikanbara County located between Aizu and Echigo.

  • Book content
    [Data overview]
    • Volume 1: Primitive age [Color photos and re-measured drawings of materials excavated from Kosegasawa Cave and Muroya Cave, remains and relics from the Old Stone Age, Jomon period and Yayoi period]
    • Volume 2: Ancient times, the Middle Ages, early modern ages 1 [Ancient times, the Middle Ages, castle ruins, feudal clan and its administration〕
    • Volume 3: Early modern ages 2 [Towns & villages: Land, population, land tax, towns and villages, lifestyle and culture]
    • Volume 4: Early modern ages 3 [Industry: Agriculture and forestry, mining, manufacturing, commerce and finance]
    • Volume 5: Early modern ages 4 [Transportation: Aizu-kaido Road, the Agano River Water Transport〕
    • Volume 6: Modern era [The Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods]
    • Volume 7: Old magazines of towns and villages [Establishment of Ogawa Manor and historical outline, changes and details of 4 towns and villages]
    • Volume 8: Folk customs [Lifestyle in old towns and villages, production, means of livelihood, annual events, dwellings, faith, entertainment and folktales]
    • Volume 9: Cultural properties [Tangible and intangible cultural properties, historic sites, places of scenic beauty and natural treasures]
    • Volume 10: Nature [Climate, topography, geological features, plants and animals]
    [History overview]
    • History overview 1: Nature, primitive age, ancient times, the Middle Ages and early modern ages
    • History overview 2: Modern era
  • Style
    B5 size, 600-800 pages/1 volume, deluxe edition and comes in a box
  • Price
    \5,000 per volume (Tax included), postage excluded
  • Available from
    • Aga Town Community Center
      (Phone: 0254-92-3333, Fax: 0254-92-0083)
    • Tsugawa Branch, Aga Town Community Center
      (Tel: 0254-92-3750; Fax: 0254-94-1052)
  • When purchasing by e-mail or fax
    Please e-mail the Social Education Division of Aga Town Board of Education at or fax the number above and provide the following information:
    1. Name, address and phone number
    2. Which volumes and how many copies of each volume
    Please send the book price and postage fee after you receive your book(s), using the transfer form enclosed in the package.

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