Cultural properties

Ishido Lion Dance (Hiatus in)

The Ishido Lion Dance has been performed in Ishido (Mikawa District) in the compound of Sansa Shrine every year during Bon Festival since at least the 19th century.
Three dancers wear lion masks and dance. This is also called the Furyu folk dance and is a public entertainment called the Three Standing Lion Dance.
Different opinions exist about its origins. One is that when an epidemic prevailed in the old days, people danced this lion dance, praying to drive away devils. Another is that in the 1800s a man who visited Aizu learned this dance and spread it in Aga Town after returning. The real origins are unknown; the Aga Town dance changed from the original as it was performed over the years. The simple and unique dance is quite different from the lion dance performed in other parts of Niigata Prefecture and the Aizu Higan Lion Dance.
After whistling, they dedicate a three lion dance, a female lion dance and a male lion dance to the rhythm of flute and drum, praying to drive away bad health and welcome safety to the village.
This Lion Dance was not performed between 1959 and 1973 after the piper suddenly died, but the enthusiasm of local residents lead to performing the dance again. Visit and you can see that we continue to perform the dance today.

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