Cultural properties

Yasaka Shrine Forest

A primeval forest with beeches, zelkova, horse chestnut trees and oaks spreads over a range of 3 ha. Nearly 20 hop hornbeams, especially rare in Niigata Prefecture, form a community near the main shrine building on top of a low hill (300m above sea level). Hop hornbeams are normally individual trees that are scattered in a deciduous forest; growing as a group like this is quite rare.
From around the top to the slope on the southeastern side is a deciduous broad-leaved forest with tall hop hornbeams including red ferns, tilia maximowicziana and Mayr’s Maple. A grove with about 20 beeches clumping together spreads on a slope on the northwestern side next to this community.
These trees forming a section in a small area is peculiar, which is an extremely valuable example of ecological distribution.

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