Mt. Akasaki Forest Park

A vast forest park surrounded by natural bushes; fresh green colors are vivid to your eyes; fresh clear air surrounds you. Take a deep breath and feel your cells revitalized. There is a strolling course to view skunk cabbage and a promenade to leisurely enjoy the forest. You can also enjoy merry events at Fureai Square where an outdoor music stage is installed. You can stay at a camping facility or a bungalow that is fully equipped with a kitchen. This is one big nature zone where you can be friends with nature from the time you wake up to when you go to sleep.
Partially closed at the moment.

  • - The observation deck of Mt. Akasaki Forest Park has been renewed! The biggest highlights of the park are the views from the ‘Observation Deck on Summit – Firmament Wind’ and ‘Four-Season Circulation Observation Deck – Heavenly Maiden’s Flower Raft.’ They present spectacular panoramic scenery from season to season.
  • - Heavenly Maiden’s Flower Raft is an observation deck that juts out in the air. The flow of the Agano River looks like a large dragon wiggling in the mountain valley and the power dam with extravagant energy draws near with an overwhelming sense of force. (The highlight is the dam’s discharge between April and August when tremendous quantities of water flow quickly!)
    Spring: Heavenly Maiden’s Flower Raft exhibits its character with cherry blossoms and carpets of fresh greenery on the mountain surface below your eyes. Bend forward and you can feel a sense of wonder as if you were rowing a raft towards the Iide Mountain Range that is shining with snow.
    Summer: The cobalt green Agano River that filled with water from melted snow synchronizes with the mountain trees and deepens its greenery. The thundercloud towering into the blue sky surges far beyond over Iide Peak and in the evening the cloud is dyed a mad red.
    Autumn: Oku-aga’s tinged autumn leaves look red, yellow or even gold at times, dyed from the river surface to the peak of the Iide Mountain Range with splendor. If you are lucky, you may see a co-performance of river mist and autumn leaves on the richly-colored mountain surface. This is described as a scene where a heavenly maiden puts on her silk robe of feathers.
  • - ‘Observation Deck on Summit – Firmament Wind’ is about 15 minutes from ‘Heavenly Maiden’s Flower Raft’ tracing the forest walkway (mountain trail). On the mountain top, you are sure to feel the very comfortable wind blowing through the sky on your lightly perspiring skin. Survey the scenery as the perspiration disappears; you can look over Mt. Kirinzan and the Agano River at your feet. In clear conditions, you can fully enjoy a super panoramic view of the mountain chains that overlap in the far distance from the Iide Mountain Range: Mt. Nihondaira-san, Mt. Mikaguratake and even further to the mountain ranges of Minami-aizu, Okutadami and Nasu.
  • - The surrounding area is designated as the Agano River Prefectural Natural Park (Protected forest for health) and is familiar as a course for mountain climbing training, natural walking and excursions. The area is also popular these days as a model course for Nordic Walking.
    If you would like a guided nature walk, please visit the Satoyama Genki Club website, which is a local sports club.

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