Kirinzan Park

Tsugawa-jo Castle also goes by the name of Fox Backtrack Castle because even a fox trying to cross the summit steps back due to the steepness. The former castle site is now Kirinzan Park. You can command a sweeping view of the Tsugawa townscape and the Agano River from the main enclosure site where Kanagami Inari Shrine is situated.
Making good use of the land blessed with beautiful brooklets and a river with abundant water, the waterside is maintained in good condition. This area soothes your soul as a spot to commune with nature, centering on the flow of the river.
The surrounding area has about 100 cherry trees. Taking a leisurely walk and viewing cherry blossoms in the park is recommended in spring. You can enjoy camping in summer. In autumn, the park presents a view of scarlet maple leaves and other seasonal scenery.

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