Sanekawa Valley Forest Park

Head toward Fukushima on National Highway Route 459 from JR Hideya Station, turn left after passing through Taima Tunnel, continue up for about 9 km and you will find Sanekawa Valley Forest Park well maintained in the old Sanekawa District. In the park, you can visit the Igarashi Residence, a nationally designated important cultural asset, and monuments with the poems of Usen Ogawa and Yoshishige Abe at the site where Sankei-ji Temple once stood in the center of the village. In the park, the Sanekawa trailhead leads to Mt. Dainichi-dake, the highest peak in the Iide Mountain Range and you can climb to Manji Pass on an old road used to reach Aizu. Enjoy the nature in the deep mountains between the fresh greenery in spring and the brilliant foliage in late autumn, but you cannot pass through in winter because the snow piles up high.

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