Mountain climbing and sightseeing

Information on forest trails, mountain climbing and sightseeing are available below.


2010/04/30 update

Introducing shops where the Gozu Mountain Range map is sold (\400)

  • 〈Aga Town〉
    - Nakanosawa Valley and Forest Park Administration Office
    - Yamazaki Shop across from Mikawa Station
  • 〈Agano City〉
    - Gozu Foothills Urara Forest
    - Save On (Agano Hatae)
    - Niigata Shoen Co., Ltd.
    - Midorioka Bookstore
    - Abe Sports
    - Inoue Sports
    - Book Wise Square Niigata
  • 〈Niigata City〉
    - Kojitusanso (Kameda, Niigata)
    - Sports Authority (AEON Niigata South, 2F)
    The price may vary according to the shop.

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