Killifish preserve

Using the advantages of nature, we built a killifish farm to cultivate killifish starting with spawning and hatching. In this area people caught killifish in the Edo Period, eating the fish that lived in the ditches of rice fields for their winter supply of protein and calcium. Today the killifish are extinct because they had nowhere to live after infrastructure maintenance on the rice fields. Killifish delicacies had been forgotten; fortunately, however, scarlet killifish were still cultivated. People that remembered the good old taste of killifish cooked the scarlet killifish and found exactly the same delicious taste. Kanose’s killifish preserve is a revival of the Edo Period delicacy. This preserve can be made into tea-soaked rice, goes very well with grated radish and also works as a tasty relish for sake and beer. It tastes slightly bittersweet; you will always remember this once you have eaten it: the best taste ever.
We can give some to killifish cultivators and local schools at any time. We are also offering them to schools in this district as teaching materials.

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